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1. Library OPAC Guide

Our Library uses KOHA Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). An OPAC allows one to search the library's collection from any computer connected to the internet. This guide will help you understand how you can: 1. Access the library OPAC 2. Perform either a simple or advanced search 3. Interpret the results pages 4. Create your own item lists 5. Place hold / Reserve a document 6. Access your personal account 7. Access other library resources

Searching for information resources in the library
OPAC enables you locate an item of which either author, title or subject is known. There are two options of searching provided: • Basic search • Advanced search

Basic Search
A basic search box appears at the top bar once you open the library catalogue. The Simple Search is a keyword search; the catalogue will retrieve results that include the search term(s) at any field in the record. Basic Search also offers options for searching by Title, Author, Subject, etc. Select the item you prefer. The results will appear. The bibliographic details of the book are displayed including the call number and status of the book (either available, checked out, withdrawn/lost etc.) 

Advanced Search
To conduct a detailed search, click on the “advanced search” button which allows you to combine keywords using Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) to limit your search results and get a specific item. Click on the ‘‘more options’’ tab to proceed. 
AND is used to narrow the results to only those records that contain both search terms: e.g. (accounting AND information AND systems) will only produce results of items that relate to the three terms. It aims at being specific. 
OR is used to expand the search using like-terms: e. g (women OR gender OR development) will produce results for each of the three terms. 
NOT is used to exclude an element from the search set: e.g. (leadership NOT logistics) will produce results relating to “leadership” but exclude those items on “leadership” that relate to “logistics”. 

Additional Fields/Limits
The Advanced Search page also shows the multiple kinds of limits that can be applied to your search results:
a. Item Type You may limit your search to the Item Type for example, books, CD-ROMs and journals.
b. Date Range For date ranges, you will type the year range (2010-2022), or you could also use "-2000" for everything published in and before 2000 or "2008-" for everything published in 2008 and after. 

2. Guide to accessing electronic resources remotely

Library has subscribed to electronic resources- books and journals. These resources unlike the past when they would be accessed using the Username and Password on the publisher sites, they can now be accessed freely as long as one is on the University Network i.e. via IP address access. To access the resources while outside the premises or when using a private network, one is advised to use the “Remote Access" to Library Electronic Resources platform.

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